What are your Food Options?


Savannah Cats Diet need a quality diet high in protein, taurine and little grain content. Any cat breed can have a sensitive stomach even irritable bowel syndrome which is far worst than a sensitive stomach. Although I believe the big manufacturers place far too much “junk food” in our furry champion’s diets that none should tolerate. Options for feeding you feline companion include the following:

1. Dry Cat Food;
2. Homemade Raw Mixtures;
3. Pre-made Whole Prey Ground Up Diet (Best Option)

What KEY ingredients to watch for in a felines diet?
• Protein level plus the source (Meat, fish, or poultry)

• Taurine, an essential amino acid
• Vitamins, minerals
• Enzymes
• Fatty acids
• Water

Key ingredient cats DO NOT need in a diet
• Cats DO NOT need carbohydrates! (Such as potatoes)
• Corn
• Wheat
• Rice
• Other crazy fillers

A Savannah Cats Food should not have a high corn content. You will regret not listening to this bit of information. High corn content can give the diarrhea. When I say high I’m referring to brands with corn being the first listed ingredient!

Dry Cat Food
Majority of all cat breeders feed dry food. Cat breeder pick dry cat food mainly due to the amount of effort required to manage a raw diet for numerous cats. Although a breeder may feed dry food mainly you will find many feed raw for 4 to 7 weeks.
Upon research into quality dry foods I found ingredients I did not understand why they where being used. Potatoes are often added to keep the kibbles form. Potatoes add carbohydrates so you will have to check to see they amount used, cats do not need these. Sweat potatoes are used to harden stools(Fiber). Yeast is added as a Probiotic (example: Dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract) are grown from Yeast Cultures same as Cultures in yogurt.

Premade Whole Prey Ground Up Diet
Feeding raw is beneficial to your Savannah Cat. Cats fed a raw food diet generally have a higher muscle mass. For thousands of years cats in the wild and domestic have been feasting on “raw”. I prefer the term “all natural”. After all Mother Nature did come up with the “real” recipe. Humans have kept cats specifically to ward off those unwanted mice, snakes, bugs and other gross beings. And cats do eat these in the wild and in your home! So cats are true carnivores. In fact cats LOVE bugs. Feeding crickets is a favorite in the “raw food community”. Did you know that crickets have 10 grams of protein in just one bug? Of course a bug does not have all a cat needs to be healthy.
Making your own raw cat food is manageable. Think of it as a labor of love and keeping your pet happy and healthy without serving him all the unnecessary additives that are in some canned foods. But samanolia is a big risk, not handling raw meat properly could potential kills you cat. You will have to grind meat, package the meat and then freeze the meat. And don’t forget you have to dethaw a package every day.

Buying Pre-ground Raw Mixture For Pets
Yes that is right some companies offer fully ground prey items. Vitamins still should be added, especially a taurine supplement or adding the Alnutrin and water to make a complete food.