Sales Agreements


To adopt a kitten URANIAWILD Savannah requires a 20% deposit, non-refundable. We do not accept payments for unborn kittens, we want the choice to be made between kittens available at the time, because there are no guarantees about the birth of particular desired colors. You will find that prices are vary different between a cat and the other, the pet kitten price will be less than a show or breeder cat.
All pet cats are neutered before leaving.
This is a huge advantage for the kitten and a benefit to its owner.
The kittens have a faster recovery from the surgery of a young adult or older cat.
Kittens usually operated just jump and play already the day after the operation, some of the same evening of the operation.
Many studies have been conducted on the benefits of early spy/neutering, concluding that there are no side effects on developing healthy and normal kitty, and that is not associated in any way increase the risk of certain diseases, possibly lowering the risk of asthma and gingivitis, lower post-operative complications that instead of the kittens are operated after the 23 th week, such as less bleeding, operation times shorter and faster recovery.
The US experience has shown that early sterilization does not affect in any way the development of the cat, it was once thought that there might be an impact on bone development or urethra, actually the decade-long practice of sterilization conducted in early America has shown that all these problems are not related in any way to early sterilization.
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Each kitten comes with a health guarantee and contract to protect the kitten, the buyer and the breeder. Visit Guarantees for more information.
Visitors are always welcome Uraniawild farming, to choose, go and pick up their new kitten.
When the trip was really too long for the car, our kittens will travel to their new homes with a cargo flight of the best airlines, will be sent in a kennel approved by the company, which will remain in you.
I’ve only had good experiences sending kittens in flight and discovered that employees of these lines are very delicate and careful with all the animals that you have to take care.
Here breeding Uraniawild we are not interested in selling our kittens from breeding to those who had not done enough research on race. Raising savannah requires many hours and much effort, it’s like having a full time job. The savannah needs a lot of attention and care during growth and is necessary that the aspirant breeder wholeheartedly devoted to the health and quality of life of the cat first.